Autism by Design are proud to announce our association with

If I Need Help Mission

Help For Our Loved Ones Who May Wander or Need Assistance! We Help Reunite those who might become lost or disoriented with their Families, Loved ones, and Caregivers using new and existing technologies in ways that are practical, easy to access and affordable.

Easy free sign up and membership: Personal wearable QR Codes that immediately alert the public that "Here is a person that needs help" & how to help them.

We are able to offer two unique offers in association with

Offer 1

For an additional £3.00, our t-shirts and clothing items can be supplied with one QR patch. We will supply the QR patch with your chosen design. View here. Once received, you will need to head over to to set up an account, register your details and set up your ID. Your account will be provided by free of charge. 

Offer 2

If you head over to and check out their range, you will be entitled to 5% off your first order if you quote the code 'Someone to Care' in the coupon code at checkout.