We are very excited to announce that we have released our own book.

'Daniel Has Autism' documents our journey as parents of a non-verbal child with Autism. This book will be available in paperback and e-book format via Amazon - available worldwide.  Click on the links below. 

Print Versions

Kindle Versions

Daniel was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Like most new parents we had been consumed by sleepless nights, poop, fussy eating and celebrating milestones. It was when those milestones started to drift further apart that the initial joy of parenthood started to become overshadowed by concerns that all was not as it seemed.

Set in Sussex, England this is the journey told by Michael and Kirsty Runnicles, parents of Daniel, Rebecca and Sophie. From diagnosis to DAN doctor, gluten-free diets, sleep deprivation and despair — this is an account of the good, the bad and the scary side of living with Autism.Time since then has been a rollercoaster of events that have been filled with both laughter and tears, sometimes simultaneously.

Daniel presents us with challenging and complex needs but with a personality that is equally loveable and endearing. Please do come in and meet him…OH don’t worry, he is always doing that. “Daniel, stop chewing the curtains”. Sorry, what was I saying, yes, please come in but do keep your shoes on as you may not see them again otherwise…




Copies of the print version of this book are available direct from this website. For a limited time, we will send a signed copy of the book that can include a dedication. Limited until 31/08/2016. 

Signed Copies